I Am Not Jealous

No! We haven't moved houses....... yet. Maybe because we are contemplating moving countries. Or even continents. Heck, we can even move planets. Or not move at all. Kwani.iko.nini?  Oh, where are my manners? Of course, greetings. Redes and gentromen, how are you? I am fine thank you for asking. Not that you asked but are... Continue Reading →

Nitaambia Nini Watu?

I don’t even know how to start this story because it is quite sensitive for me and probably for a lot of women. Sensitive because women go through it in silence as talking about it is somewhat taboo. Seeing as I haven’t dealt with the emotional aspect of it, probably writing and sharing about it... Continue Reading →


The title of this article was supposed to be 'THE DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET' but the way this our Nairobi is hard, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use the word 'conquered' because that rarely happens nowadays, or it’s just me? Oh, okay! Part of adulting now entails being in wedding committees, contributing... Continue Reading →

The Struggle With Acne

I haven’t written for a hot minute. Last year was too busy for me but ni kama this year I don’t have the gumbaru excuse to use so, here I am oh Lord, use me! Anyhu, one of the other things that was neglected last year was exercise, tried going back to it this year... Continue Reading →

New Language

“Hey, you have been so silent, everything okay with you?” Asked no one. And such is life. Everyone is out there busy trynna make ends meet and to be honest, brace yourself because I am about to say some not-so-nice words….drum rolls… no one gives a shit about you. Or me. And it's not like... Continue Reading →

She’s Back

I was travelling home the other day and shortly after boarding the matatu, I realized all the commuters were familiar with each other except me and the driver. Now, you will agree with me that it’s not common to have people who know each other in a PSV and if they are, like let’s say... Continue Reading →

Lunatic Reloaded

I haven’t written for a minute, you are going to have to  forgive me abeg. Apparently school is hard, who knew? It takes everything from you including the little social life that you thought you possessed. But today I would not be talking about that, so onto today’s pang’ang’a (I don’t know the English word... Continue Reading →

Knock Knock….Third Floor

Wow! It has been a minute since I last visited this my small kafuroti. I am surprised it’s still in existence. You know me I thought the recent winter in Kenya swept it away. Oh! Winter doesn’t sweep away blogs? What do I know? The sky is blue. L-o-l. Now, I don’t know If I... Continue Reading →

Adulting 101

Day 1 Someone: Hi, how are you? Dee: Tired, how about you? Someone: Surviving. Day 2 Someone: Good morning! Dee: (In my head) if the morning was good I would still be in bed! Does the head tilt thingy (FYI I am non-verbal during morning hours) Day 3 Someone: Hi, how are you? Dee: Just... Continue Reading →

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